Patch 0.5.5


- New Arrow: Turtello

- New Arrow: Greold

- 20 More levels to the Campaign Mode (2 Stages)

- Introducing Debuffs to Campaign Levels

- A Counter inside Campaign Levels to count how many obstacles left

- A Counter that appears next to the Score Text to show the current Score Speed if it's more than x1

- 3 New TIPS added to the Loading Screen

- Better error logging to better fix users' issues

- Store Offers are now locked if you already own them


- Increased XP needed for all levels by 300% (Account Levels)

- Changed the way Score Speed works
Every 0.5 Seconds add to the score (BASE SCORE SPEED x MODIFIER), The base numbers are (1 x 100%). So if a passive says "Add to score speed" it adds to BASE SCORE SPEED. if it says "Increase score speed" it increases the MODIFIER

- Increased Powers and Arrows upgrade prices from 500/1000 to 1000/2000 for Arrows and from 100/200/300/500 to 250/500/750/1000 for Powers

- Increased Ads Rewards (10 to 30 Gems - 50 to 100 Potions) and Twitter Follow and Rate Us Rewards (50 to 250 Gems both)

- Some performance adjustments


- Fixed an issue with the Arrow's Collision Range

- Fixed Rough Vixen not working as intended in Campaign Mode

- The 'Next' button in the campaign level complete screen is now making you play the right Next Level instead of the Highest Level you reached

- Fixed a bug in the Shield's Opacity around the Arrow isn't correct after getting another shield with a diffrent value than the one before it

- Fixed an issue with obstacles not being stopped after getting a Bomb in Campaign Mode

- Clicking the Back Button in Campaign Mode causes Go Button to change it's color is now fixed


- Night Line: Replaced Score Speed increase passive with a 'Add to Score Speed' one


- Zebra: Add to the Score value from 5/10/20 to 10/20/30

- Luxurious: Score Speed increase from 50% ALL LEVELS to 100% ALL LEVELS