Patch 0.6.0 - Rexy


"We wanted to make an arrow that is hard to play but very rewarding. So, here is Rexy! The idea about Rexy is that instead of focusing on not hitting for the whole level you need to give extra focus on the first few obstacles in order to get the juicy reward which is winning the game instantly."

Rush: Adds 5 to score speed for 5 seconds
Score Up: Adds 50 to the score

Timed: Finish the level in under 60 seconds

"The old main menu and navigation system were overwhelming. Players had to click multiple clicks to go to certain pages. Some players also clicked the 'collection' button expecting it to be the 'endless' button (Don't worry, this happened to us too). So, we decided to design a totally new main menu and navigation. This allowed players to quickly and easily switch between pages and allowed us to have a thematic main menu for every update as well as a main menu slideshow to showcase different things."


"This change aims to make the gameplay more fun instead of repetitive. Before, the stage's obstacles had a higher spawn chance than all other obstacles. This led to, for example in the red stage, many fan obstacles one after another. So the game just becomes the twin obstacles and fan obstacles for 70% of the stage. We changed this and made endless mode more random and this has led to more fun."